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Introducing The Away-Team

If you are reading this, then you may be wanting to know a bit more about the Away-Team that works with you and the rest of the in-house team.

Sunset at the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, India

A brief history of the Away-Team's Home - Kolkata, Dominique Lapierre’s City of Joy

The Away-Team is based in Kolkata, India. Kolkata is a 300-year-old city and was the Capital of British India till 1911. The British East India Company first had a settlement in Kolkata in 1690.

We talk about Google and Amazon today as mega entities; the British East India Company was the first and largest of such entities that ruled countries through trade.
Over the next 150 years the British East India company grew its footprint across Kolkata and India.

It was only in 1858 after the Sepoy Mutiny (which is considered as the first freedom struggle initiative in India) that Queen Victoria became the Queen of India and Kolkata and the reign of the Board of British East India Company came to an end.

Kolkata and India’s legal system and universities are very much structured on the British system due to the long colonial rule (India won independence from the British in 1947).

Some Key Operational Details of the Away-Team

Leverage the Time Difference

The Away-Team is 5 hrs 30 minutes behind Melbourne and Sydney and 2 hrs behind West Coast – So Away-Team starts the day at 2:30 PM AEST (which is morning in Kolkata) and then works through 10 to 10:30 PM AEST. The time difference means tasks allocated to the Away-Team before you finish up for the day can in most instances come back to you done by next morning when you start the day.

Away-Team Works in your Practice Management Environment

The Away-Team has access to software systems in the same way that the in-house team has access and performs tasks in that environment. Having worked with client teams since 2010 has meant the Away-Team has a good understanding of practice management systems and workflows.

How to Assign Tasks to Away-Team

How do you assign tasks to the Away-Team? There is a dedicated job email to which assignment instructions are sent by in-house team. Away-Team acknowledges jobs and sends a job completion update by email once the job is done.

Here is a snapshot The Away-Team

Amarjit Sen_Country Head_India (2)

Amarjit Sen

Head of Operations - India

Bitoo Chakraborty_Manager_Process and Quality & Precedent

Bitoo Chakraborty

Manager - Process and Quality Precedent

Sunita Dutta_Manager Finance and Accounts (5)

Sunita Dutta

Manager - Finance & Accounts

Avishek Roy_Manager Conveyancing and Data entry

Avishek Roy

Manager - Conveyancing and Data Entry

Koukab Jabeen_Manager_Transcription (4)

Koukab Jabeen

Manager - Word Processing

Vikash Joshi_Assistant Manager Finance and Accounts (4)

Vikash Joshi

Assistant Manager - Finance & Accounts

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